Texas Gravestone Conservation
Texas Gravestone Conservation

As of Oct 22, 2018, I am not taking on any more projects.  The summer heat and weeks of wet weather has put me behind on the ones I already have comitted to.  This DOES NOT MEAN that I am not interested in projects for later in 2019, just that until I get caught up, I'm not contracting with individuals or groups for more work.

Thoughts for Fall

Why is it such a bad idea to just pour concrete around all the stones in a plot?  Aesthetics aside, old stones (such as marble and limestone) will be damaged by the incompatible material through long-term curing/hardening, and thermal changes.  As well, some people have the idea that concrete and Portland cement based mortars are adhesives; they are not.  If you don’t believe it, look at the photos of the mortar that was on a marble tablet and the photo of the same tablet with the mortar removed on the     "Workshops & More Photos" page of this site.  If it was an adhesive, then it failed.  Cement will also hold water, causing a slow degradation of the natural stone it is in contact with.


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