Texas Gravestone Conservation
Texas Gravestone Conservation

As of February 20, 2019, I am making some headway on my work and will begin to visit cemeteries/stones that may need work.  Please understand that the work may not begin until summertime or early fall, however.  If you would like work done, please contact me.

Thoughts for Spring

Should a tree or shrub that is next to a headstone be allowed to remain there?  If the tree is very large and old, it may have been planted around the time of the internment; cedar trees are commonly seen in this situation.  In that case, probably so.  If the tree/shrub is younger and was a volunteer, and if it is displacing the stone, then “no”.  I have moved several stones over the years that were leaning because the roots of large magnolia trees (both more than 90 inches in circumference) had displaced them.  If the tree was an 8” ash, elm or hackberry, I would suggest the stone be secured/moved and the tree removed.  If you have a question, send me an email and photos and I can advise you.


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